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B2000/ B2200 LS Swap Engine Mounts

B2000/ B2200 LS Swap Engine Mounts

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Two Fabricated mounts. Bolts directly to LS Engines and allows the engine to be mounted directly to the OEM Mazda Isolators. This only works on B2000 & B2200 trucks, will not work for B2600 trucks with two bolt motor mounts. This is V2, our batch made variant with increased thickness.

- Fabricated out of 1/4” steel, powdercoated black.
- Mounts the engine as low and far back as possible, 1/2” from firewall and 1/2” from steering bar.
- Requires a 302-3 style Oil Pan.
- Front Cross member needs to be modified. 

Please note, these are made to order and may take additional time to ship. 

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